Join the GunSenseVT Postcard Brigade!


Our task as a grassroots movement is to convince enough lawmakers that universal background checks are necessary. To do this, we're forming the GunSenseVT Postcard Brigade! We've put together a list of the key lawmakers, and we're sending them postcards every time there is a gun violence incident in the area. This will help those who are already supportive make the case to their colleague, and it will help those who need to be swayed see that we are not immune to gun violence in Vermont -- and that they have constituents who are paying attention.

To help you find out about gun incidents as they happen and stay connected with other folks in the Brigade, join the Facebook Group: GunSenseVT Postcard Brigade

Here are the basic instructions:

1) If you hear about a gun violence incident, post it in the group so the other group members can find out about it, too. All incidents will be kept track of on this List of Gun Violence Incidents in Vermont.

(To see incidents from previous months, click on the appropriate tab at the bottom.)

2) Use a simple 4x6 index card and on one side, write a simple message like: "Vermont is not immune to gun violence."

3) On the opposite side, describe the incident: when, where, what happened. 

4) Sign your name and town (and e-mail address if you'd like to hear back from them.)

5) Address the postcard to your lawmakers. Priority lawmakers and their addresses are here, organized by county.

6) Take a picture of it and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #GunSenseVTPostcardBrigade to encourage others to join you. The more folks key lawmakers hear from, the better!

Connect to the GunSenseVT Postcard Brigade Facebook Group right here!  And invite your friends to be part of it, too. Together, we will slowly but surely turn the tide on this issue. One postcard at a time!