2016 GunSenseVT Voter Guide

Vermont registered voters can elect State Senators, Representatives, and statewide offices (Governor, Secretary of State, etc.) on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Over the summer, GunSenseVT emailed all primary candidates a survey with one simple question: "Do you support universal background checks (with a family-member exemption included)?" 

We have compiled the candidates' responses in our 2016 VT Voter Guide, updated with candidates on the ballot for the general election. 

Candidates are listed by county and district, and in addition to listing whether or not they support Universal Background Checks, we have also indicated how incumbents voted on S.141, a bill that tightened Vermont's laws to help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Some candidates didn't respond to the survey. Others indicated that they don't respond to surveys because they prefer to hear directly from voters on the issues. However your candidate responded, make sure they hear from you (click to download a spreadsheet with contact info for candidates)! The overwhelming majority of Vermonters support background checks, but if we have to bridge "the passion gap" with the gun lobby to make change happen!


View the 2016 GunSenseVT General Election Voter Guide as a PDF here. 

View the 2016 GunSenseVT Primary Voter Guide as an .xlsx file here. 



You can also see where your candidate stands by clicking on your county below. Candidates who responded to our survey as being in favor of universal background checks are designated YES. Those who do not support UBC are designated as NO. Candidates who did not respond or replied that they preferred to hear from voters are designated, as well.