CALL the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to bring H.610, a domestic violence and gun violence prevention bill, to the full House for a vote


  • Call the State House Sergeant-at-Arms office. 802-828-2228.


  • Say, "I would like to leave a message for members of the House Judiciary Committee."
  • Then say, "I support H.610 and am asking them to vote it out of committee and bring it to the full House for a vote."
  • Feel free to paraphrase, but keep your message brief.

What will H.610 do?

  • Close the Charleston Loophole--It will do away with the "default proceed" for gun sales, whereby a gun seller is able to sell without a cleared federal background check if that background check takes more than three days. This loophole is how the shooter in the Emanuel A.M.E. church massacre in Charleston, SC obtained the gun that he used.
  • Offer more protection for victims of domestic violence--It will require that subjects of relief-from abuse orders relinquish any firearms in their possession for the duration of the order. It also prohibits those subjects from purchasing or possessing firearms, and allows the court to issue warrants to temporarily seize firearms when an order is filed.
  • Expand Protection Orders-- It will allow family and household members to file a petition for an Extreme Risk Protection Order, and allow healthcare professionals to notify law enforcement when a person may be at risk of harming themselves or others.

Waiting periods work. Period.


Help pass a 72-hour waiting period for all gun sales.
Just a little time can save lives.


Vermont is not immune from gun violence

Gun violence impacts all of us, out in the open and behind closed doors – from our children who live in fear of being shot in school, to victims of domestic violence, to the grieving parents of suicide victims. Gun violence is tragic, damaging, and pervasive. And we have had enough.


GunSense Vermont

is Vermont's only independent, non-partisan gun violence prevention group. We are a movement of Vermonters focusing on transformation at the state level, because that is where laws are being changed and individual action has the most impact.