Pledge to Show Up

gun-control-hearing-statehouse-hirschfeld-vpr.JPGIn order to make real progress on gun violence prevention, we need people like you to be willing to show up in person at the Statehouse. Your physical presence is so important. 

At the evening public hearing in 2015, supporters of Universal Background Checks were dramatically outnumbered by opponents. We can't let that happen again. We need to show legislators that we care enough to show up. (You don't need to say anything at the hearing -- you just need to be there showing your support.)

We need 700 people to pledge to show up if we want to get Universal Background Checks passed. Sign the pledge below, and then share it with others. If we all come together, we can make this happen! 

Photo Credit: Peter Hirschfeld, VPR
February 10th Public Hearing, 2015

I pledge to show up at the Statehouse Public Hearing to show my support for Universal Background Checks. If I can't make the date of the hearing, I will find someone else to go in my place.

700 signatures

Will you take the pledge?