GunSense Vermont is proud that our legislative champions will be advancing a number of gun violence prevention bills in 2019.

H.30 concerns guns in domestic violence situations. It strengthens relief from abuse orders by requiring the subject of the order to relinquish guns and other dangerous or deadly weapons until the order expires. The bill also proposes to make it a crime for the subjects of relief from abuse orders to possess guns.

H.159 is a waiting period bill. It proposes a 72-hour waiting period for all gun sales.

H.203 is a child access prevention (safe storage) bill. It is intended to prevent access to guns by minors and by people who are barred from possessing guns.

S.22 is a waiting period bill and a child access prevention (safe storage) bill. It proposes a 48-hour waiting period for all gun sales. It would also mandate that when gun is not in a person’s immediate possession or control, it must be locked in a safe storage depository or be made incapable of being fired.

S.26 concerns 3D guns. It would prohibit using a 3D printer to manufacture a gun, and would also prohibit the distribution of instructions for creating 3D guns.

S.72 strengthens the Extreme Risk Protection Order ("red flag") bill that was passed last session. It would require state agencies to report annually on the use of this law. It would also allow health care providers to notify law enforcement if the provider feels that a patient poses an extreme risk of harming himself or others by possessing or purchasing a deadly weapon.


Vermont's higher than average rates of suicide and domestic violence make it essential that these laws are passed and enforced.