Feb. 2020 Activist--News & Updates

In this issue...

  • A handy "HOW TO" on calling your state legislators
  • The Vermont bills that we're watching closely, and what you can do
  • Contact Gov. Scott about waiting periods for gun purchases
  • Attorney General TJ Donovan signs on to multistate ghost gun suit
  • Encouraging news from Virginia
  • Take the leap before leap day--become a sustaining member
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Jan. 2020 Activist: News & Updates

Happy New Year! We are hoping for--and working for--a safe and peaceful year for all of us.

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Where we're headed in 2020

There has never been a more important time to support work at the state level. See where we're headed in 2020.

Movement on the federal bipartisan background checks bill has stalled out indefinitely and the gridlock in Washington is unlikely to abate long enough to introduce any new gun violence prevention legislation. As we continue to advocate for improved community resources and support here at home, we must simultaneously address the easy access to guns that can turn a difficult situation into a deadly one. That's where GunSense comes in.

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Your Oct/Nov 2019 News Roundup

Vermont News:

  • Unitarian Universalist Society Burlington fundraiser
  • What's in store under the Golden Dome
  • GunSense files amicus brief in favor of upholding large capacity magazine ban
  • GunSense survey results

The National Landscape:

  • Democratic candidates--who supports which measures?
  • Vermont keeps moving forward while federal gun bills sit
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The bloodshed of July & August, 2019

This couldn't wait.

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Veto of Waiting Period Bill

Your June 2019 News Roundup

In this month's news:

  • A legislative WIN for gun violence prevention!
  • Governor Scott still needs to hear from you
  • New VT data shows broad support for gun violence prevention measures
  • Summer GunSense pop-up tables
  • Why GunSense??
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Your March 2019 News Roundup

In this month's news:

  • A successful public hearing
  • Update on state bills
  • Safe storage
  • Our hearts go out to New Zealand
  • A win for Newtown parents
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Your February GunSense News Roundup

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of the massacre in Parkland, Florida, we are recognizing both our accomplishments and the tremendous work still ahead. Here at home, we helped pass important laws last session, and several bills have been introduced this year that could have a significant impact on all of us. In Vermont, where the rate of gun ownership is high and domestic violence and suicide have been above the national average for years, the waiting period bills (H.159 and S.22) and the child access prevention bill (also S.22) are especially urgent. We hope you'll help us honor the victims and survivors of Parkland--and victims and survivors of gun violence everywhere--with action.


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2019 Legislation in Progress

GunSense Vermont is proud that our legislative champions will be advancing a number of gun violence prevention bills in 2019.

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