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  • Vermont consistently has higher a higher rate of domestic violence than the national average. 50% of domestic violence homicides are committed using guns.
  • Vermont's suicide rate is also higher than the national average. Among suicides, guns account for 55% of deaths. Boys and men are far more likely than girls or women to use a gun to attempt suicide.
  • Vermonters who served in the armed forces represent 20% of all suicide deaths in the state.
  • Access to a gun makes it 5 times more likely that a male abuser will kill his female victim.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Education, advocacy, and strong laws can help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Keeping guns out of the wrong hands can save lives.


Thank you to everyone who attended our rally in Montpelier. We are grateful to our speakers and partners at Moms Demand Action.

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GunSense Vermont Celebrates Senate Passage of Suicide Prevention Bill


Montpelier, Vermont - GunSense Vermont, the state's leading organization working to reduce gun violence, is thrilled to celebrate the recent Vermont Senate passage of H.230, a suicide prevention bill. This critical legislation, which has now passed the Vermont House and Senate with overwhelming support, will help save lives by creating a 72-hour waiting period and safe storage laws.

Gun violence is a public health crisis that affects every community in Vermont. The majority of suicide deaths in Vermont are caused by firearms. H.230 will help prevent suicide by giving individuals in crisis time to consider their options and access resources and support.

"We are incredibly grateful to the Vermont Senate for their leadership and commitment to preventing suicide in our state," said Conor Casey, Executive Director of GunSense Vermont. "This bill will help ensure that individuals in crisis have the time and resources they need to get help and stay safe."

H.230 will also require that firearms be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access by a minor or other vulnerable person. This is a critical step in preventing accidental shootings and reducing the risk of gun theft. By requiring safe storage, Vermont is taking a proactive step to keep our communities safe.

"We know that safe storage laws save lives," said Casey. "By requiring firearms to be stored securely, we are reducing the risk of unintentional shootings and gun theft. This is an important step in protecting our families and communities."

GunSense Vermont applauds the Vermont Senate for their leadership in passing this important legislation. We urge the legislature to reconcile their differences quickly to send the bill to Governor Scott. And we call on the governor to sign this critical legislation in the interest of public safety.

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GunSense Vermont is Vermont's only independent, non-partisan gun violence prevention group. We are a movement of Vermonters focusing on transformation at the state level, because that is where laws are being changed and individual action has the most impact.