This couldn't wait.

We had our August News Roundup ready to send to you tomorrow morning, and you'll see those news items below. But this morning, we woke to the news of a second horrific mass shooting in the space of 24 hours in our country, and we knew we had to reach out.

We are stunned by the violence that we have seen. The Dayton, Ohio shooting, which killed at least nine people early this morning, unfolded a mere 13 hours after a gunman killed at least 20 people in El Paso, TX. Brownsville, NY and Gilroy, CA made it into the news cycle for mere nanoseconds. The devastation feels endless.

Any time there is a shooting, another survivor is created. Usually a host of survivors--from the gunshot victim to the families of people lost to the first responders who deal with unimaginable scenes. WBUR's Senior Political Reporter Anthony Brooks interviewed GunSense Executive Director Clai Lasher-Sommers and others for a July 29 piece on survivors of gun violence. In it, he illuminates not just the physical toll, but also the psychological and economic toll when someone is shot. Listen to the story here.

And take action here:

This is not a time to be silent.

Your August, 2019 GunSense News Roundup

  • Reading the national landscape
  • GunSense preps for the next legislative session


Reading the national landscape

Candidates are taking stronger stands on gun violence prevention than ever before as it has become clear that voters, even in red states, are demanding change. An "F" rating by the scandal-plagued NRA is proudly worn as a badge of honor by some candidates. You can read more about how the candidates have shifted toward safety and common sense in this piece by Giffords.

Senator Cory Booker, former Mayor of Neward, NJ, has put forth perhaps the most progressive plan to tackle gun violence in America. He has long been an advocate for gun violence prevention, having seen how it can tear apart entire cities. In the meantime, our own Senator Sanders' stance continues to evolve following a long and tortuous history of voting down federal laws and receiving gun lobby support.

See where all of the candidates stand in this article by The Trace.

GunSense ramps up for 2020

GunSense is Vermont's only grass-roots, independent gun violence prevention organization. We will be sending out a survey by the end of the summer to gather information about your priorities and concerns. Where would you like to see statewide efforts? What are the issues that concern you the most? Be on the lookout for our survey because we want to hear from you.