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Our statement on the attempted Capitol Insurrection

White terrorists stormed congress in a violent effort to disenfranchise the legal votes of millions of Americans. We watched with the rest of the world in abject horror as this rabid, right-wing mob, incited by the President of the United States, attempted to overturn the presidential election. This isn’t hyperbole: what we all witnessed was quite literally an attempted coup. It was shocking to watch, but it wasn’t exactly surprising. It was horrifying, but it isn’t as if we hadn’t been anxiously bracing for this.

The images of these armed white terrorists ransacking the Capitol with seemingly little to no resistance or consequence are chilling. Even more so when you view them side-by-side and in stark contrast to the Black Lives Matter protests from this summer, which by all standards began as peaceful protests, and which ended in many cases with Black and Brown bodies being subjected, as they so often are, to extreme violence from law enforcement. 

Meanwhile, the President of the United States was deemed unfit to access his social media accounts yet apparently is fit enough to remain in the most powerful office in the world. This cannot continue. While the magnitude of our country’s disrepair is staggering, it can and must be addressed piece by awful piece. But first and foremost, just as the Capitol building had to be secured before resuming democratic work, we must secure our country immediately. President Trump’s enablers must find their moral compass and serve their country by immediately removing him from office. The damage to our country and our democracy should he not be removed is too great to contemplate anything other than this. 

Since Trump took office it has been one outrage after another. This country can no longer afford to just look the other way. This time, we must harness the horror in order to grow,  change and come back together as one united nation. The time is here to make bold and sweeping changes that benefit everyone. Not just certain people or certain groups: Everyone. 

Until brighter days reach us, please stay home and stay safe. We will get through this together.

In solidarity,


Using This Moment in Time to Take a Stand For Racial Justice

Gun violence does not exist in a vacuum, in Vermont or anywhere else. It is the outgrowth of oppressive systems that give some power while stripping it from others. It is time for all of us to take a critical look at the role that each of us plays in perpetuating systems of inequality and violence. This is hard work, but people's lives are at stake. We can't afford not to. Please join us in this work of standing for true justice, a justice that is rooted in equality.

Organizations Working for Racial Justice in Vermont

Vermont Racial Justice Alliance (led by People of Color)

Black Lives Matter Burlington (multiple chapters throughout state)

Showing Up for Racial Justice (multiple chapters)

NAACP-Rutland Area

NAACP-Champlain Area

NAACP-Windham County

National Organizations

The Community Justice Action Fund is a national organization that works at intersection of race and gun violence.

Color of Change is the nation's largest online racial justice organization.

Gun Violence Prevention and the COVID-19 Crisis

The Vermont Legislature is putting most bills and committee activity on hold in order to put all efforts and energy into keeping Vermonters safe, well, fed, and informed during this crisis. GunSense Vermont, as an organization devoted to public health, safety, and common sense, will be assisting these efforts wherever we can.


  • NOW is the time to ensure that every gun in your home is stored locked and unloaded in a gun safe, inaccessible to children or anyone else who should not access it. If your safe has a programmable combination, change it. Lock ammunition separately.
  • Remember that gun safes can also help protect against theft and fire.
  • If you are considering buying a gun, include the cost of a gun safe in your budget. If you can afford a gun, you can afford safe and proper storage.
  • If you own a gun but not a gun safe, NOW is the time to get one. There are many inexpensive options available online.
  • VT Dept of Health information on general child safety during Covid-19


  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a great online guide that covers everything from combating feelings of isolation to getting care if you are without insurance. Please take a look and bookmark.
  • Pathways Vermont operates a "warmline" where you can find support, even when not in crisis. Call or text 833-VT-TALKS.
  • For a list of crisis call lines by county, visit Vermont Care Partners
  • Parents' helpline for advice, referrals, or a sympathetic ear: 1-800-244-5373



  • Statewide domestic violence hotline: 800-228-7395
  • National domestic violence textline: Text "LOVEIS" to 22522
  • Statewide sexual violence hotline: 800-489-7273
  • For agency contact information by county, visit the VT Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

For additional resources, visit the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource Page.


Waiting periods work. Period.


Vermont is not immune from gun violence

Gun violence impacts all of us, out in the open and behind closed doors – from our children who live in fear of being shot in school, to victims of domestic violence, to the grieving parents of suicide victims. Gun violence is tragic, damaging, and pervasive. And we have had enough.


GunSense Vermont

is Vermont's only independent, non-partisan gun violence prevention group. We are a movement of Vermonters focusing on transformation at the state level, because that is where laws are being changed and individual action has the most impact.