10/3   Perkinsville  Man points shotgun at his children and fires two shots into the air during a domestic argument with his wife

10/3   St. Johnsbury  Two men are charged with making threats with a firearm in a mall parking lot on 9/28

10/5    Waterbury  Man is charged with reckless endangerment and  disorderly conduct for firing a gun into the air after  an argument in a restaurant

10/5   Morristown  Man charged with pointing a gun at people on his property

10/6   Charlotte  Two men are arrested after robbing 3 others at  gunpoint

10/9   Winhall  Hiker finds body and handgun in the woods about 75 feet away from car owned by Townshend woman missing since September.

10/10   St. Johnsbury  Armed robbery at Kinney Drugs on Rte. 5

10/13   Burlington   Jeffersonville man arrested for stabbing another  man during an argument.  At the time of the arrest,  police found a loaded handgun on him.

10/16  St. Albans  Police were alerted by a teacher at Northwest Technical Center when she found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the glove compartment of  the car of a 17-year-old student who had brought the car to school to be worked on.  The police found  2 shotguns, a rifle, 2 stunguns, a machete, ammunition and knives in the car when they were investigating the incident

10/16  Thetford  Police arrest three people for robbing a couple of  $1,000 at gun point

10/20  Newark  39-year old man accused of shooting a gun near a woman’s head, throwing her into a wall and   strangling her is arrested on multiple  domestic violence charges

10/22  Montpelier  Police find handgun on Terrace Place

10/24  Barre  Armed robbery at Quality Market

10/25   Burlington  32-year old felon arrested for waving a gun at a car full of people during an argument. The suspect fled but police later found him in a car with a 9mm  handgun