9/1   Burlington  Early morning shootout  in the North End sends 2 men to the hospital. Multiple shots were fired.

9/9   Windsor  Man accidentally shoots wife in both legs when he attempted to show her his gun

9/10  Winooski   Drive by shooting at the intersection of Hickok & River Streets six rifle shots were fired

9/10  Barre  2 handguns were seized in a drug bust at Days Inn

9/12   Winooski  2 men arrested in drug bust. 3 guns were found in the home

9/14   Danby  Man arrested by State Police after pointing a gun and threatening to pull the trigger in family fight

9/22   Winooski   Woman dies of a gunshot wound. Police are investigating the circumstances

9/25    Newport   Police take armed suspect into custody after a 4-hour standoff; 10 hostages, 9 of whom were children, were held in the home for 3 hours until police negotiated their release

9/25   St. Albans  Apparent road rage incident results in woman dying from six gun shot wounds. Police found 3 firearms in the  shooter’s car

9/26   Windham  Man accused of firing his gun at a jogger during an  argument on 9/20 is charged with reckless conduct