The City of Burlington has three proposed firearms-related changes to the city charter on the March 4 ballot. These measures would grant the city the authority to “regulate the possession and control of firearms” within city limits by:

Why Should I Support These Measures?

Because they will make a difference in the health and safety of our community. These proposed changes to city law would provide added protection for the city’s most vulnerable residents -- children and those living in an abusive relationship -- as well as keeping firearms out of situations where people’s judgement is likely to be impaired. Here’s what we know from the research:

Safe Storage Saves Lives

Studies consistently demonstrate that states and areas that mandate safe storage see a reduction in accidental shootings of children and in youth suicides. You can read more about why safe storage saves lives here: 

Removal of Guns from Domestic Violence Incidents Saves Lives

It is tragically clear that the presence of a gun a home where there is domestic violence significantly increases the likelihood of a fatal outcome. Two-thirds of intimate partner homicides in this country involve a gun, and domestic assaults involving a gun are much more likely to wind up in death. (source) This measure would give law enforcement the authority to temporarily remove guns from a volatile situation and reduce the chance that someone will end up dead. 

Banning Guns from Bars Prevents Opportunities for Deadly Violence

Study after study indicates that guns and alcohol don’t mix. The general public -- even NRA members -- agree: guns don’t belong in places where people are more likely to have their inhibitions lessened and their judgment impaired. This specific bill would make exceptions for bar owners, law enforcement and on-duty military personnel, but otherwise keep firearms out of establishments that have a liquor license.


Burlington's Gun-Safety Measures Will Save Lives! Vote YES! for gun safety on March 4!