In this month's news:

  • A legislative WIN for gun violence prevention!
  • Governor Scott still needs to hear from you
  • New VT data shows broad support for gun violence prevention measures
  • Summer GunSense pop-up tables
  • Why GunSense??

News from Vermont

Waiting Period Bill (S.169) Passes VT House and Senate

S.169, which would mandate a waiting period of 24 hours for most handgun purchases in Vermont, passed the Vermont House 82-58, making it the fourth piece of gun violence prevention legislation to gain approval by the Legislature in two years! The bill would also require data to be kept and reported on the use of Vermont's new Extreme Risk Protection Order law, which allows for the temporary barring of access to guns if a person is deemed to be a danger to self or others.

Governor Scott Needs to Hear From Us!

You've called, you've written, you've shared on social media. And until the Governor indicates what he will do with the Waiting Period Bill, we need to keep asking him to look at the data and stand up for gun violence prevention! Waiting periods are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

Call 802-828-3333 and ask Gov. Scott to sign S.169 when it comes to his desk.

You can also download a 8.5" x 11" version of the postcard that is being delivered to the Governor en masse. Let him know why you are asking him for waiting periods in VT, and mail by Wednesday, June 5!

Poll of 600+ Vermont Voters Shows Strong Support for Gun Reform

A poll conducted by early in may showed that approximately 80% of registered voters in Vermont support a 24-hour waiting period for all handgun sales. Additionally, the gun reform laws passed last session are experiencing broad support by 75% of those polled. With these numbers, we hope that Governor Scott and legislators will come to understand the desire of the general public to make changes to our gun laws.

Summer GunSense Pop-up Tables!

This summer, look for GunSense tables at various farmer's markets and other events! Better yet, spend a sunny couple of hours sharing information on gun violence prevention with your friends and neighbors! If you would like to staff a table or you have a suggestion for a good location, get in touch with us. We will be sharing info on Vermont's "red flag" law, safe storage, and other issues. We also hope to distribute trigger locks when we are able.

Why GunSense Vermont?

GunSense is Vermont's only grass-roots, independent gun violence prevention organization. GunSense understands Vermont because we are Vermonters; we live here, work here, and love the independent spirit of our brave little state. We understand what happens under the Golden Dome because our legislators are our neighbors, and the work that they do impacts us directly. With our local roots, we are uniquely situated to build coalitions and work with other Vermont organizations to keep everyone in our state safer.

Just as each voice counts on Town Meeting Day, each voice counts when speaking up about gun violence in Vermont. When you support GunSense , you are making a choice to keep your money and your energy local to ensure that your voice is heard. And all of our voices together can be loud enough to carry well beyond our borders.



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