December 2015 Gun Incidents

A selection of publicly reported gun-related incidents in Vermont.

12/1/2015: 31-year-old Weathersfield man suspected of robbing a bank in Charlestown, NH on the day he was supposed to be sentenced to prison in Vermont. The suspect displayed a firearm.

12/8/2015Burglary in Marlboro. Rifle among items reported stolen.

12/9/2015Salisbury man shoots another man in his driveway.

12/20/2015: Burlington man who threatened to shoot people after being kicked out of a downtown Burlington bar had a loaded gun in his waistband.

12/21/2015Ludlow bank robbed at gunpoint.


12/21/2015Wallingford Cumberland Farms robbed at gunpoint.


12/24/2015Suspect in drug bust points muzzle loading rifle at police, is killed by police.


12/24/2015Shelburne Road service station robbed by 2 men armed with knife and firearm.


12/27/2015Man in camo and carrying gun pulls over driver in St. Johnsbury.


12/27/2015: Man shot and killed on Church Street after bars close.


12/28/2015Shots fired at a house in the middle of the night in Williston.