February 2017 Gun Incidents

A selection of publicly reported gun-related incidents for February.

2/10/17: Man accidentally discharges gun with bullet ending up in neighbor's bathtub.   http://www.wcax.com/story/34475602/police-man-mistakenly-shoots-gun-bullet-in-neighbors-tub

2/11/17: Woman robbed at gun point in Stowe restaurant parking lot. http://www.wcax.com/story/34483086/woman-robbed-at-gunpoint-in-stowe

2/23/17: Man shot in the head. http://www.wcax.com/story/34587428/police-arrest-suspect-after-st-albans-shooting

2/26/17: Shots were fired in Old North End. A stray bullet entered an apartment where a chlid was sleeping. http://www.wcax.com/story/34587428/police-arrest-suspect-after-st-albans-shooting

2/28/17: Convicted felon and drug user found to violate terms of release with gun possession. http://www.reformer.com/stories/gun-possession-leads-to-detention,499799