The website lists the 10 laws that help limit gun trafficking — Vermont only has 1 out of 10.

10 Key State Laws That Limit Gun Trafficking

  1. Allows Criminal Penalties for Buying a Gun for Someone Who Can’t (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  2. Allows Criminal Penalties for Buying a Gun With False Information (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  3. Allows Criminal Penalties for Selling a Gun Without a Proper Background Check (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  4. Requires Background Checks for all Handgun Sales at Gun Shows (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  5. Requires Purchase Permit for All Handgun Sales (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  6. Grants Law Enforcement Discretion in Issuing Concealed Carry Permits (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  7. Prohibits Violent Misdemeanor Criminals from Possessing Guns (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  8. Requires Reporting Lost or Stolen Guns to Law Enforcement (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  9. Allows Local Communities to Enact Gun Laws (NOT LAW IN VERMONT)
  10. Allows Inspections of Gun Dealers (Vermont has this one law)