March 2014 VT Gun Incidents

3/3/2014Vermont State Police arrest 2 men and a teen during a routine traffic stop in West Rutland. The suspects were transporting heroin, cocaine and a firearm.

3/10/201423-year old Derby man charged with physically assaulting woman while driving her to a destination; the next night said to have fired shots at or around woman's father's home.


3/15/2014: 28-year old Killington man charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one charge of using a firearm in the commission of a crime in the shooting a 25-year old man and 25-year-old woman.

3/19/201444-year old Rutland man charged with felony of assault and robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a weapon after threatening to shoot a 32-year-old man with what turned out to be a BB gun.

3/20/2014Man armed with a handgun robbed a Williston computer game store, taking more than $300.

3/21/2014: 48-year-old Lunenburg man charged with targeted a laser-pointed 45-caliber handgun at his family including his daughter and son-in-law and their small child.

3/21/2014: 23-year-old Burlington, Vermont man among 3 arrested in Queensbury, NY (near VT border) when 500 bags of heroin and a loaded, .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun were discovered in their car during a traffic stop. Police believe the drugs were headed to Vermont.

3/24/2014: 21-year-old Newport man and 18-year-old Coventry man arrested in string of burglaries; among the recovered items was a handgun.

3/25/2014Police are searching for a man who displayed a handgun at a fight outside the Burlington Town Center Mall on Church St. around 5 pm.

3/27/2014Richmond police are investigating an armed robbery of a convenience store in the town.

3/28/2014Vermont fugitive located hiding out in MA; police discovered three loaded handguns, a stun gun, two bulletproof vests, four bags of cocaine, two jars of liquid PCP, a large bag of marijuana and about $4,700 cash, according to authorities.

3/29/2014Drug bust at The White River Inn & Suites nets heroin,cocaine, 7-10000 cash and hand guns.

3/30/2014The driver’s side window of a tractor-trailer was shot out on Vermont Route 22A in Bridport early Sunday morning, police said.