July 2013 VT Gun Incidents

7/5   Pittsford  35 year-old man charged in shooting death of his girlfriend. Three young children were in the home at the time of the shooting.

7/15   Charlotte   Man faces charges after state police said he held a gun to his girlfriend’s head and threatened her

7/16  Burlington   Man tells police he shot hole through his floor to fend off a burglar

7/17    Westfield     Man charged with first degree murder for shooting male victim multiple times

7/21    Randolph   Two men charged with grand larceny after stealing a rifle and selling it to a local gun store

7/21    Rutland  Unidentified person fired a gun in the Pearl St. neighborhood

7/22   Barre  Two brothers charges with burglary and assault after threatening to kill a man and his dog when robbing him of $1185.

7/23  Strafford  Man charged with firing shots inside his home during an argument with his son

7/24  Barton  62-year-old man charged with shooting death of his girlfriend after an argument

7/24   Guildhall  Woman charged in shooting her boyfriend with a 12- gauge shot gun outside their home

7/25  Middlebury  Armed robbery at Marbleworks Pharmacy

7/25   Burlington   Man sentenced to  4 ½  yrs. In federal prison for burglary of Vermont store where 16 handguns were stolen

7/30  Underhill   Man pleads not guilty to entering a couple’s home and  threatening them with 2 firearms

7/31   Warren   Man charged with disorderly conduct after firing shots  to express displeasure with his neighbors

7/31  Berlin  Police investigating home invasion where victim was struck on the head with a firearm



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June 2013 VT Gun Incidents

6/5   Newport  Man accidentally shoots bullet through bedroom window of Orleans County Assistant Judge

6/13  Rutland  Three men plead guilty to firearms crimes

6/16    Danby  Man stabs ex girlfriend and then is shot and killed by her current boyfriend

6/18   New Haven  72-year-old man charged with reckless endangerment and aiming a firearm at a 26-year-old male

6/20  Peacham   Man gunned down in his front yard by wife’s ex husband  and then shooter took his own life

6/24   Bristol  Armed robbery of a female on Main St.

6/25   Rutland  Bar patron pulled a gun on another customer at a sports bar on Merchant’s Row

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April 2013 VT Gun Incidents

4/4/13  Berlin  Armed robbery at Harry’s Pharmacy

4/6/13  Brattleboro  Man stopped for traffic violation. VSP found Ruger LC 9mm handgun,LugerTec 9mm handgun Centime Sporter 308 rifle, 159 rounds of ammo

4/12/13  Burlington  Monkton man charged w/bringing loaded semi-automatic gun into Burlington courthouse

4/13/13  Starksboro  4 arrested in drug bust. 11,000 cash, 40 bags of heroin, 1 kilo of marijuana, 1 Saiga semi-automatic, 12 Sign shotgun, 25 round drum

4/15/13 Essex Armed robbery at Simon’s Convenience Store

4/15/13 Warren Armed robbery at Mac’s Market

4/17/13 Essex Armed robbery at River Road Beverage

4/18/13 Rutland 37-year old male sentenced for trading gun for drugs. Gun later found in hands of man after being fatally shot by police

4/19/13  Readsboro  Man held for aggravated assault for pointing gun at 2 people in family argument

4/21/13  Middlebury  65-year-old man shot in thigh by two 17-19 yr old male suspects

4/21/13  Derby  Armed robbery at Four Season Motel

4/23 /13 Barnet 13-year-old boy petitioned to juvenile court for pointing loaded rifle at school bus carrying students

4/24/13  Springfield  Windsor County attorney spoke to Selectboard about Jersey City gangs coming to Springfield to buy guns or trade guns for cocaine or heroin. Five arrested in last month.

4/25/13  Williamstown  71-year-old suicidal male arrested after firing shots trying to draw fire from police

4/25/13 Barre Police called for 12-year-old boy showing pistol to his friends on Auditorium hill

4/27/13  Athens  22-calibur rifle taken in home burglary

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March 2013 VT Gun Incidents

3/13/13  Rutland  N.Y. man arrested with 6,000 bags of heroin, 90,000 cash and 10 firearms

3/15/13 Bennington  Man w/arrest warrants in MA & LA charged w/ aggravated assault. Pointed gun at housemate & threatened to shoot

3/29/13 Bellows Falls Armed Robbery. Suspect fled to N.H., Shots fired. Suspect died.

3/30/13 Newport Woman arrested on drug charges. Found heroin & 9mm handgun

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February 2013 VT Gun Incidents

2/5  Rutland County Sheriff officer’s son charged with stealing his father’s .40 caliber semi automatic Glock

2/14  Burlington 34- year-old male charged w/aggravated assault for waving gun in road rage incident

2/17 Dorset 24-year old N.Y. man arrested on drug and firearms charges following traffic stop .

2/20  Montpelier Felon on parole sentenced for possession of a firearm


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January 2013 VT Gun Incidents

1/4   Burlington   Two Brandon men charged with distributing heroin, possession of a number of firearms, drug user in possession of a firearm

1/8  Burlington  Convicted felon sentenced to 8 yrs for possessing 7 firearms

1/18 Montgomery  Drug raid seized 60 marijuana plants, a Springfield handgun, a Mossberg shotgun, SKS Rifle, bulletproof vest & ballistic shield

1/16 Bennington  45 arrested in drug raid, drugs for guns, gun trafficking

1/30 Burlington  30-year-old male convicted of drugs for firearms


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