May 2014 Vermont Gun Incidents

A collection of publicly reported gun related incidents in Vermont during May 2014.

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April 2014 VT Gun Incidents

Armed Robberies on the Rise in Vermont
April 4, 2014

". . .And it is happening across the state, the number of armed robberies is going up. An armed robbery is when someone uses a deadly weapon, such as a gun or knife, to steal from a person or a business.

“We are having armed robberies two or three a week, when I started with the state police 30 plus years ago if we had 2 or 3 a month in the whole state that was a lot,” said Chief Alan Buck, with Richmond Police." 


Hartford police arrest 2 women for possession of heroin and marijuana. Several imitation guns and a loaded ammunition clip were found in the home.


Firearms stolen at Newport sporting goods store break-in.


St. Albans Hannaford robbed. Suspect indicated he had a gun.


Leicester man faces multiple murder charges after shooting his neighbor and 2 Vermont State Police officers. 


Ferrisburgh resident charged for reckless endangerment for allegedly accidentally firing his rifle inside his Basin Harbor Road apartment while drinking.The bullet through the outside wall of his home and through the outside wall of a neighboring home before lodging in a shower.


NY man breaks into ex-wife's home in Vermont and threatens her with a gun.


36-year-old Hancock, VT man fires handgun at other vehicle during road rage incident on NY Thruway.


Burlington, VT man arrested in Florida with marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and 2 concealed guns and ammunition.


E. Montpelier man charged with kidnapping and extortion. During the incident the charges stem from, the victim had a gun held to his head and was told he'd be killed. The victim was beaten with the handgun.


Woman confesses to robbing Winooski Fast Stop convenience store. She indicated to the clerk she had a gun.


32 handguns stolen in an overnight burglary at the Rite Way Sports store in Hardwick.


Vermont State Police in St. Johnsbury charge 2 people after an investigation of a reported incident of a driver pointing a shotgun at an oncoming car.


Rutland man charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon after pointing a gun at another man and then placing the firearm muzzle in his mouth. The police determined the man had prior felony convictions and removed the hand gun and 5 other firearms from the home.


  • The Jenny Wren Cafe in Springfield was robbed at gunpoint.
  • A bullet was shot into the window of a New Haven home. Police report that a stop sign at an intersection near the home had also been shot.
  • US Attorney charges 2 Richford men with firearm theft and trading the guns for drugs.
  • Intoxicated Bristol resident charged with disorderly conduct for firing a gun in an effort to pick a fight with the neighbor. Deerfield Valley News, April 17-23 


Hinesburg man taken into police custody after shooting a woman in the chest and hand.


Man shot in neck at Barre Budget Inn.


  • Essex man found dead in his home of gunshot wound.
  • 3 men arrested in Winooski after police searched apartments and found drugs, stolen firearms and stolen electronics.


  • Burlington police arrest a man after he threatened to kill a woman in a dispute over drugs. The police seized cocaine and a hand gun in the preliminary search. A second search resulted in the police seizing another hand gun and what they believe to be heroin. 
  • Newport Center woman is arrested after a gun went off in a struggle during an argument with her husband.


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March 2014 VT Gun Incidents

3/3/2014Vermont State Police arrest 2 men and a teen during a routine traffic stop in West Rutland. The suspects were transporting heroin, cocaine and a firearm.

3/10/201423-year old Derby man charged with physically assaulting woman while driving her to a destination; the next night said to have fired shots at or around woman's father's home.


3/15/2014: 28-year old Killington man charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one charge of using a firearm in the commission of a crime in the shooting a 25-year old man and 25-year-old woman.

3/19/201444-year old Rutland man charged with felony of assault and robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a weapon after threatening to shoot a 32-year-old man with what turned out to be a BB gun.

3/20/2014Man armed with a handgun robbed a Williston computer game store, taking more than $300.

3/21/2014: 48-year-old Lunenburg man charged with targeted a laser-pointed 45-caliber handgun at his family including his daughter and son-in-law and their small child.

3/21/2014: 23-year-old Burlington, Vermont man among 3 arrested in Queensbury, NY (near VT border) when 500 bags of heroin and a loaded, .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun were discovered in their car during a traffic stop. Police believe the drugs were headed to Vermont.

3/24/2014: 21-year-old Newport man and 18-year-old Coventry man arrested in string of burglaries; among the recovered items was a handgun.

3/25/2014Police are searching for a man who displayed a handgun at a fight outside the Burlington Town Center Mall on Church St. around 5 pm.

3/27/2014Richmond police are investigating an armed robbery of a convenience store in the town.

3/28/2014Vermont fugitive located hiding out in MA; police discovered three loaded handguns, a stun gun, two bulletproof vests, four bags of cocaine, two jars of liquid PCP, a large bag of marijuana and about $4,700 cash, according to authorities.

3/29/2014Drug bust at The White River Inn & Suites nets heroin,cocaine, 7-10000 cash and hand guns.

3/30/2014The driver’s side window of a tractor-trailer was shot out on Vermont Route 22A in Bridport early Sunday morning, police said.



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February 2014 VT Gun Incidents


Shot fired at deer crossing the road. Bullet hits a vehicle with a man inside and not the deer 


Barre City  
Blue-hooded robber walked into Rite Aid Pharmacy with handgun in his pocket, ordered employees to the floor and demanded drugs

Police arrest a 27-year-old woman on attempted murder charges after a 2-year investigation. In 2011 police found a 19-year-old woman with a gunshot wound unresponsive. Also in the house was a 48-year-old man dead from a gunshot wound.


Vermont State Police charge an 18-year-old Alburgh woman with burglary, assault and robbery after she and an unidentified man broke into a home armed with firearms and demanded money


Vermont State Police respond to reports of gunfire and find two men dead of gunshot wounds outside a home on Rte 30

A man with a mask covered in duct tape and armed with a handgun, robbed the Cumberland arms store


3 men sought in Franklin St. armed home invasion 


White Hall, N.Y.   
A 44-year-old NY man arrested for aggravated domestic assault of a woman in Fair Haven, VT on Saturday 2/15. He threatened her with a gun and choked her. 

W. Rutland   
A woman armed with a gun robbed Stewart’s convenience store on Main St.

White River Jct    
Bellows Fall man given a 10-year prison sentence for home invasion and beating 73-year-old man with a gun


A lone masked woman with a hand gun robbed Nichol’s Store


W. Rutland   
Woman in a peace sweatshirt armed with a handgun robs Family Dollar

Woman in Peace sweatshirt armed with a handgun robs Cumberland Farms 


S. Burlington    
Man with a scarf over his face walked into Kinney Drug, demanded money and said he had a gun although none was shown



































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January 2014 VT Gun Incidents

1/2    Rutland  9th member of a major drug ring selling heroin in Burlington was given a 26-month prison sentence on gun charges in US District court    

1/2 Barre Man who his face covered by duct tape robbed convenience store. He claimed to have a weapon although none was shown                       

1/12   Berlin  Armed robbery of CVS pharmacy. Police will not reveal the type of weapon                                     

1/13  Brattleboro  13-year-old middle school student commits suicide with an unsecured gun

1/14   Milton Lake Rd. home burglarized. 8 guns were taken

1/15   Bradford  Pizzaria owner found dead of a gunshot; apparent suicide.      

1/16  Rutland  93-year old man is carjacked at gunpoint while on a trip to the grocery store 

1/17  Burlington  2 women assaulted Downtown.  A 28 yr. old man is charged on several counts for the attempted robbery during which a weapon allegedly was shown and money demanded 

1/17  Bennington  4 people arrested in drug bust. Police found heroin, prescription drugs, firearms and cash

1/18  Winooski  Woman robbed Winooski Falls Market and Deli at gunpoint

1/19   Colchester   While sitting in her car on Main St. a woman was robbed when a man walked up to the car,  held a gun to her head, demanded money and stole her cell phone

1/19  Barre  Man disguised with duct tape robbed convenience store - claims to have weapon but none was shown

1/20  Berlin Man disguised with duct tape robbed store - claims to have weapon but none was shown

1/22  Barre City  Man disguised with duct tape robbed the Medicine Shoppe. Suspect appeared to have a gun in his pocket

1/24  Winooski  After a wild car chase, police arrest  the suspect and get a warrant to search his truck. Police find 103 grams of heroin, 45 grams of crack cocaine, 43 grams of ecstasy and 2 guns.

1/25   Essex 50-year old man fires shots at another man after arguing and being punched






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December 2013 VT Gun Incidents

12/3 Burlington Armed robbery and assault in South End home

12/3 Montpelier Bartender at a Langdon St. location reported being threatened with a gun

12/7 Burlington 2 suspects sought in armed robbery of a home on Front Street

12/16 Hartford Drug bust arrest of a 20-year-old man nets 90 bags of heroin, cocaine, 3 oz of marijuana , prescription pills and a rifle

12/18 Brookline Drug bust nets 150 marijuana plants and several firearms

12/18 Bradford Man steals ammunition from Farmway store

12/18 Northfield Firearms stolen in Barrow Rd. break in

12/18 Brattleboro Former Vt. medical board investigator from St. Johnsbury pleads guilty to federal gun charges – 550 firearms were seized from his home

12/20 Rockingham N.H. woman arrested for holding up a gas station at gun point

12/23 Barre Man cited for disorderly conduct and trying to disarm a police officer of his gun when he tried to take the officer’s pistol from its holster

12/29 St. Albans 36-year-old man charged with 4th DUI after pointing a rifle at a couple in a road rage incident

12/30 Westford State police tactical unit responded to a 911 call after multiple shots were fired during a domestic disturbance

12/30 Duxbury a 20-year old man is charged with numerous crimes after a domestic assault during which he disconnected a 911 call. He gained possession of a shotgun, a violation of a court order prohibiting him from contact with his mother and DUI, assault and reckless endangerment

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November 2013 VT Gun Incidents

11/1  Burlington Autopsy reveals woman died by self inflicted gunshot wound. Her body was found in burned down house after the fire on 10/31

11/7  St. Albans Man brandished a handgun in an argument

11/13  Barre Man pleads guilty to using a gun to beat another man after pulling out and cocking the gun and it jammed

11/13 Winooski Armed home invasion leads police to search at school complex. No suspects were apprehended

11/16 Manchester Police arrest fugitive at gunpoint

11/21 Burlington Woman robs College St. store. Alleged suspect threatened to shoot clerk. Suspect fled on foot but was not found.

11/21 Clarendon Alleged armed home invasion suspect flees in direction of 2 two schools. Schools went on lockdown. No suspect was found.

11/24 Hartford Armed robbery at Cumberland Farms convenience store

11/29  St Albans Man fires a muzzle loader at another man’s residence in a drive-by shooting and is charged in aggravated assault


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October 2013 VT Gun Incidents

10/3   Perkinsville  Man points shotgun at his children and fires two shots into the air during a domestic argument with his wife

10/3   St. Johnsbury  Two men are charged with making threats with a firearm in a mall parking lot on 9/28

10/5    Waterbury  Man is charged with reckless endangerment and  disorderly conduct for firing a gun into the air after  an argument in a restaurant

10/5   Morristown  Man charged with pointing a gun at people on his property

10/6   Charlotte  Two men are arrested after robbing 3 others at  gunpoint

10/9   Winhall  Hiker finds body and handgun in the woods about 75 feet away from car owned by Townshend woman missing since September.

10/10   St. Johnsbury  Armed robbery at Kinney Drugs on Rte. 5

10/13   Burlington   Jeffersonville man arrested for stabbing another  man during an argument.  At the time of the arrest,  police found a loaded handgun on him.

10/16  St. Albans  Police were alerted by a teacher at Northwest Technical Center when she found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the glove compartment of  the car of a 17-year-old student who had brought the car to school to be worked on.  The police found  2 shotguns, a rifle, 2 stunguns, a machete, ammunition and knives in the car when they were investigating the incident

10/16  Thetford  Police arrest three people for robbing a couple of  $1,000 at gun point

10/20  Newark  39-year old man accused of shooting a gun near a woman’s head, throwing her into a wall and   strangling her is arrested on multiple  domestic violence charges

10/22  Montpelier  Police find handgun on Terrace Place

10/24  Barre  Armed robbery at Quality Market

10/25   Burlington  32-year old felon arrested for waving a gun at a car full of people during an argument. The suspect fled but police later found him in a car with a 9mm  handgun


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September 2013 VT Gun Incidents

9/1   Burlington  Early morning shootout  in the North End sends 2 men to the hospital. Multiple shots were fired.

9/9   Windsor  Man accidentally shoots wife in both legs when he attempted to show her his gun

9/10  Winooski   Drive by shooting at the intersection of Hickok & River Streets six rifle shots were fired

9/10  Barre  2 handguns were seized in a drug bust at Days Inn

9/12   Winooski  2 men arrested in drug bust. 3 guns were found in the home

9/14   Danby  Man arrested by State Police after pointing a gun and threatening to pull the trigger in family fight

9/22   Winooski   Woman dies of a gunshot wound. Police are investigating the circumstances

9/25    Newport   Police take armed suspect into custody after a 4-hour standoff; 10 hostages, 9 of whom were children, were held in the home for 3 hours until police negotiated their release

9/25   St. Albans  Apparent road rage incident results in woman dying from six gun shot wounds. Police found 3 firearms in the  shooter’s car

9/26   Windham  Man accused of firing his gun at a jogger during an  argument on 9/20 is charged with reckless conduct

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August 2013 VT Gun Incidents

8/4 Burlington Woman robbed at gun point while waiting for a bus

8/13 Fairlee  Murder/suicide by rifle.  Court order had been issued for husband to surrender gun

8/14  Brattleboro  Federal investigation results in raid where at least 6 rifles and 9 handguns were take

8/17   Burlington  Man arrested for assault w/ deadly weapon, a loaded 9mm semi automatic handgun

8/19   Williston  Woman waves a gun at a passing vehicle because she thought the driver was speeding

8/27   Brandon Man arrested w/rifle and handgun after argument with his neighbor during which he pointed the gun  at the victim’s head

8/27   E. Montpelier  Armed home invasion and robbery

8/30  Cambridge  State police arrest 3 people in connection with an armed robbery at a pharmacy


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